Endodontic treatment

Advanced treatment, known as root canal treatment (RCT). Demands lots of patience of either patient or dentist, but allows curing and saving inflamed tooth for many years.

starts from£120

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LAVA crowns & bridges

We are proud to present most modern achievement of aesthetic dentistry: crowns and bridges with dual porcelain structure. They provide much better aesthetic effect than that from metal based systems whilst keeping strength of metal.

starts from£350

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Porcelain veneers

They are beautiful and the less invasive form of prosthetics. High aesthetic effect is well known and often used as supplement or even an alternative to very expensive orthodontic treatment.

starts from£350

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Chrome & acrylic dentures

Chrome dentures are used in specific cases, when there are large areas of missing teeth. Acrylic dentures are more affordable version. They all bring back your smile and confidence.

starts from£250

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ZOOM 2 tooth whitening

One of the fastest and most effective technologies of teeth whitening. In just one office visit your teeth can become dramatically whiter. This technology is ideal for anyone looking for immediate result.

starts from£250

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Under construction

starts from£1500

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Welcome to Dentes Dental Surgery

Our surgery has been created solely with the patient in mind. A very quiet and calm environment provides mental and physical comfort for all our patients. Using the latest technologies, materials and most modern equipment, combined with knowledge of experienced staff, makes our patients feel very secure.

An individual approach for everyone is paramount here and guarantees a successful treatment of the highest level.

Our surgery has a special interest in aesthetic dentistry including whitening, advanced prosthetics, for example crowns, bridges, veneers, inlay / onlay and composite-ceramic filings; we also provide routine dental care. Our surgery is fully private however; we endeavour to keep our prices within a very affordable range. Please check our other branch Augusta Dental Surgery.

Make an appointment and we take care of your smile because Your health begins with the smile.

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2010-10-21 21:47:29

Even brighter Christmas for You and people you love.

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Our new commercial video!

2010-07-16 19:46:14

We have just released our new commercial video. Have a look and get to know us better.

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